POK3D – Game Jam Build

POK3D, a phone simulator made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you managing the constant barrage of messages you receive, prioritizing the people who matter most to you.

POK3D is played out via a smart phone-style interface – which has a variety of different contacts that message you. It does have limited charge, like most phones, and you are not near an outlet. So, you must prioritize what texts you spend time on. You seem to be quite popular with both your friends, family, and spam messages from randoms. You can decide who you answer and who you ignore – but there are a ton of messages coming in.

The notifications can fill your screen, blocking off the messages you want to read. You will have to at least close them off – as well as closing alarms and warnings about your battery dying. As you pick and choose who to answer, you will be creating your story and working your way towards one of the many endings to POK3D. All of these endings are different and depend on who you end up spending your time on.

It’s a fun concept, that makes for a novel way of relaying a narrative. With the large amount of texts – from your catcus’ to your crush, decide what you want to do with the last few moments on your phone.

Play POK3D Here (Browser)