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Pokémon Apex is a refreshingly adult take on the Pokémon universe, grounded in reality and full of real world problems, in which you play a young boy who finds himself able to travel to a strange world full of powerful demons called Pokémon.

A well crafted fan game created by Nathan Gunzenhauser, Pokémon Apex is an adult take on the classic catch ’em all gameplay of Pokémon. That’s not ‘adult’ as in violence and nudity (although there is some swearing), it’s adult in the sense the story themes that it addresses, with you playing a high schooler who’s mother and father have separated, and who escapes the drudgery of day to day life by playing video games with his best friend.

Throughout the game you discover that you can cross between worlds to the strange demon (or Pokémon) infested world and discover there is a dark cult hell bent on destroying both worlds. It’s up to you to step up, catch some Pokémon and take on the dark cult before they do too much harm. It’s a fun adventure, and a great twist on the traditional Pokémon gameplay.

Download The Pokémon Apex Alpha Here (Windows)

10 thoughts on “Pokémon Apex – Alpha Download”

  1. I do enjoy the game thus far. And i also know its still in beta. But if it is aiming to use the Pokemon franchise typings effectivesness; Rattata is normal and cannot be hit by ghost type moves. I dont know it its other or just the one Pokemon. Otherwise i fully support this game its great!

    • Ghost types can’t hit normal types and vice-versa. just downloaded it and hope to start playing later today.

  2. Can you develop a Mac version? I was so pumped to hear about this, and would love to be able to try it out too!

    • Have you tried running it through the program called Wine? I find it really simple although have not been able to test it on this game but it has worked on others such as Omicron and Reborn.

  3. How long in the game until you can purchase Pokeballs? It’s taking much longer than regular Pokemon games to get access to a second Pokemon for your team. A lot of these encounters are really difficult if you only have one Pokemon.

  4. There is a bug at the start, when dad call’s you for go geting the notes he left on the table if you go upstairs you get stuck and then you can not move anymore.

  5. I got knocked out in the forest while following the little girl and the game crash where you start out in the forest and didn’t let me move at all, had to restart it and I haven’t saved, even though I played again the game and I thinks it’s great.

  6. I died at the forrest where u meet dhalia. I couldn’t do anything and had to leave the game without saving it. :(
    So new game new luck

  7. Is there a possible way that you could create a BATCH-File (.bat), so I would try to create a Android Version of it? I tried it already with EXE to BAT convert but it didn´t work. I even tried to play it under a windows emulator but its still not working. Or could you try to create a ANDROID-VERSION (.apk) of that Game? It would be really amazing…

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