Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition – Alpha Download

Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition is a fan made remake of the N64 classic Pokémon Snap game, which allows you to travel along an island railway, taking pictures of your favorite Pokémon in the wild.

In Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition you’re able to travel back to the charming island of the N64 original and take photos of the various Pokémon that live there as you travel along a track in Professor Oak’s ZERO-ONE Vehicle. The gameplay is much as it was in the original, with you simple aiming the camera and taking pictures, then getting them rated by the Prof at the end of your run with marks being awarded for size, pose, technique and amount of Pokémon in the shot. Impress Prof Oak and you’ll even unlock new abilities such as dashing, throwing apples, using pesterballs or playing the flute.

There’s only one course at the moment and the rating system for the pictures could do with being streamlined, but it’s a fun game that does a great job of recreating the Pokémon Snapping joy of the original. A mouse controlled camera works a lot better than a N64 control pad and the visuals have had a nice upgrade. Also, the developer Manurocker95 is keen to continue working on it, with an aim to add more courses, cinematics and a custom orchestrated OST. It’s shaping up to be a picture perfect remake of the picture snapping original.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition Here (or via Direct Download Here)