PokeyPoke – Game Jam Build Download

PokeyPoke, a challenging spear-throwing platformer made for the GM48: One Tool, Many Options, sees you using your spear for many different purposes – jumping higher, moving along walls, traversing ceilings, bouncing over spikes and even deflecting bombs!

In PokeyPoke, you explore a large world, collecting purple coins and blue stars. These objects are in various places dotted around and you can see how many are left to collect in the top left corner of the screen. You are not guided around the world and can explore wherever you feel you should go, following coins and stars to new areas, but most of the time you will be using your spear to get here.

Your spear has a ton of uses! Boxes that are in your way can be easily smashed or you can dig your spear into land, using it to scale walls. Speaking of walls, you can throw your spear and catch it in walls that aren’t made of rocks. Then, you can jump on top of the bit of the spear sticking out, which will fling you straight up into the air, allowing you to get to higher areas. If there are bombs around, you can poke them with your spear, hitting them off into a new direction (and maybe into something that will break when they explode).

This spear is so useful – there is so much to do with it, however, the game itself is still very challenging. Huge gaps full of spikes, areas that are seemingly unreachable, and tightly timed jumps will force you to think before you make your way around. There are some checkpoints to help you out, but finding all of the coins and stars will be a challenge regardless! See if you and your multipurpose spear can find everything hidden in the world of PokeyPoke!

Download PokeyPoke Here (Windows)