Pokkie – Game Jam Build Download

Pokkie Game Download

Pokkie is a short satirical game that simulates something we’ve all done at one time or another – messing around on your phone while bored at a party.

Pokkie replicates the simple touch based interface of your generic fruit based device, allowing you to use the camera, change the wallpaper, write memos, play Flappy Bird, listen to music and even use an write in an online chat group (that actually seems to be a real functioning online message board). There’s no objective to what you’re doing, you’re simply wasting time and staving off the boredom by opening apps and playing around with them.

You really have to make the most of your time with your phone, as the battery will die within a few minutes and then you’ll just be left with a dead phone and a very noisy party. Don’t think about reloading the game either – once your phone’s dead, it’s dead for good!

Note: If you get a black screen when booting up, just press Alt + Enter to exit full screen mode and it should work okay.

Download Pokkie Here (Windows)