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Police Stories Game Download

Police Stories offers players a very tactical, realistic and high stakes take on the top down shooter genre, with you and your partner going out on Police raids where you can’t just shoot first and ask questions later – you need to use tactical awareness and make split second decisions based on each perps body language on whether to fire warning shote, make arrests or shoot to kill.

As we said during the Alpha Sign Up phase, Police Stories is much slower paced than the likes of Hotline Miami, but it’s no less intense. You go on raids with your AI controlled partner who comes with a useful bag of tricks that you can tell him to use at any break point – such as a mirror for looking under the door so scope out the room before you enter or flash bangs that can be used to stun enemies, making them easier to arrest. You can even send him into rooms ahead of you, but that’s pretty risky, if he dies then it’s just you and your gun against a hideout full of thugs.

The current Alpha Build features two levels, but it’ll most likely take some time to beat them as they’re pretty tough, it only takes a couple of shots to kill you and the enemies spawn at different locations each time you play – meaning you never know who’s going to be behind a door and how they’re going to react. Ideally you’ll want to make as few kills and as many arrests as possible, but you can only do so much to try and make a perp relinquish his gun – warning shots and flash bangs are very useful, but often it can come down to a case of you or them – and you really want to make sure you have the fastest trigger finger when that happens.

It’s still early in development, but the level of realism and tension as you inch your way around each corner and kick open each door in Police Stories is to be commended. High stakes Police raids where pulling the trigger is a last resort. Highly recommended.

Note: As in real life, some doors may be locked, you can blow them open or bash them open with the melee button.

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