Polydrone – Game Jam Build Download

polydrone game

Polydrone, a unique, endless shooter made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you connecting and controlling a network of turrets that as you attempt to destroy enemies.

At first, you are a lone drone that is fighting against red enemy ships, but soon, a new drones appears. If you run your drone into the new one, they will connect with a line between them – shooting from the center of that line. Now, you must move both of the ball part of the turret to shoot at enemies. After you get the hang of that, even more drones and turrets start appearing.

You can continue to connect these turrets, adding more and more sections that shoot at enemies. You are then able switch between individual drones and manipulate this ring of firepower as you attempt to wipe out the enemy. Each of these turrets also have a life bar. If their life bar drains, they will die and the shape will have to change depending on the position of the destroyed drone. Health appears from time to time but only affects the drone that runs into it – not the connected pack of them. As this game goes on, faster, stronger, bigger enemies will start appearing. You must beat them all with your web of turrets!

It’s a unique, wonderfully confusing and fun take on classic shoot ’em up gameplay as you manoeuvre your web of death around the screen. A super cool connect ’em up shoot ’em up!

Play or Download Polydrone Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)