Polyguys – Student Project Download


Polyguys is a simplistic, cooperative puzzle-platformer that uses basic geometry to tell a tale of the friendship between a pair of shapes.

Polyguys starts you off with the simplest possible angular shape, the triangle, and progressively adds more sides to your polygon as the levels progress. Puzzles increase in difficulty at a reasonable rate and when playing with a friend, solving each new problem feels more like a fun team-building exercise rather than inducing that throbbing-in-your-veins, end-your-marriage kind of anger often spurred on by certain other cooperative puzzle-platformers (looking at you, Portal 2). This more chill approach to puzzle solving is in part due to Polyguys’ excellent difficulty curve, which only introduces one new element at a time and refrains from enforcing an overly punishing death penalty. While Polyguys is intended as a two-player game, you can manage the game solo (Brothers-style)without breaking too much of a sweat if you’ve relatively adept at using both the arrow keys and WASD simultaneously.

The game has a very streamlined aesthetic and this spartan approach to its art direction works very well with its sound design. The ambient music coupled with the soft pinging sound effects lends the game an airy, light feeling even as you accidentally mistime your jump and fall to your death for the fifth time in a row. Timing your jumps is really the only issue in Polyguys’ design. Simply put, the game’s tighter platforming sections need tighter controls to match. But for players looking for a fun, charming little puzzle game, Polyguys truly serves up a cute angle on cooperative gameplay.

Note: The game’s website may take a little while to load and is a little hard to navigate. Use your mouse wheel to scroll down and hit the “Play” option when it appears. Then continue to scroll until the polygon unfurls completely and then click it to select your download.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Polyguys Here