Polymerikum – Alpha Download

Polymerikum is a trippy first person Sci-Fi horror adventure that sees you exploring the twisted ruins of a city that vanished off the face of the Earth and has now suddenly reappeared 32 years later.

In Polymerikum you are a toxicologist who has been sent in to inspect the ruins of a city that disappeared in 1985 and reappeared in 2018. There seems to be no-one left alive to tell you what happened to the city and all humans and animals have been transformed into inanimate plastic tree structures. You’re not alone there though – freaky shadowy creatures and weird plant-like growths inhabit the research facility that seems to have been at the epicenter of the anomaly. They won’t kill you but they do give you some very big jump scares and will make your character trip out for a while if your touch them.

The visuals in Polymerikum look a little dated, but they grow on you and allow for fast and fluid movement as you explore the ruins of the facility. The game has a very tense, dread-filled atmosphere and the jump scares never feel cheap. It’s a fascinating experience as you use visual clues and reports to unravel the mystery of what caused an entire city to disappear for 32 years. A surreal, freaky and trippy adventure that delivers a truly unique and interesting Sci-Fi horror experience.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Polymerikum Alpha Here (Windows)