Poncho – Alpha Demo


Poncho is an open-world puzzle platformer where you play across multiple planes that sees you on a quest to find your Maker.

It features gameplay that takes place on different planes, as in Little Big Planet, with you exploring the 2D world by moving in and out of the 3D parallax layers.  This adds a unique puzzle element to the game, with you having to move in between layers to unlock secrets or make your way past obstructions.

Graphically and glameplay-wise it feels a little like Fez, there are no levels in Poncho. You wake up in the centre of the game, and choose to go any way you want, with no hand holding to tell you where to go.  As you progress you’ll be able to purchase new upgrades from merchant bots which will help you reach new areas.  It rewards exploration and experimentation, with you able to interact with every creature you meet as you make your way through randomly generated ecosystems.

It’s a well crafted game, with some excellent pixel art animation, game design reminiscent of Fez, and a compelling story.  Help this charming little robot meet his maker!

Play the Alpha Demo in a Unity Supported Browser HERE