Pong Knights – Game Jam Build


Pong Knights, a fast paced game made for the Mini LD 58, combines a single screen shooting platforming and…. Pong?

In Pong Knights you play as a colorful little square who must survive while other squares drop down from the top of the screen and try to attack you. There are many different squares, and as these they move along the platform and hit the wall, they may change – turning into triangles or rectangles. Triangles are able to spray bullets at you, where rectangles can only shoot one bullet at a time. Squares that stay squares can sometimes move through the platforms and come directly towards you, shooting occasionally.

All bullets go right through the platforms at you.  With all these bullets flying towards you, how will you defend yourself?  Well, with your trusty Pong paddle of course! As you know, in Pong, paddles reflect balls. Your paddle works basically the same way; like a shield, you can hold the paddle out in front of you. When an enemy’s bullet hits your paddle, the bullet bounces back to the enemy. This paddle can also be held at any angle around you, for maximum coverage. Protect your square and battle the other shapes in this charming, fun game.  How long will you last in this chaotic, addictive platformer?

Play Pong Knights in your Unity supported browser HERE