Pong Pong Protector – Game Jam Build Download

Pong Pong Protector features a novel blend of tower defense and classic Pong gameplay as you control paddles at either side of the screen that bounce a magical orb around to vanquish enemies.

Created for the gm48 game jam, Pong Pong Protector takes place in a peaceful medieval fantasy kingdom that’s under attack from hordes of monsters. You and your brother are sworn protectors of the kingdom, but your brother is too hungover to fight, so you’ll have to control both of the Pong Protector Paddles and save the kingdom yourself!

In the game you control the two Pong paddles at the sides of the screen and use them to whack a giant magical orb at enemies, with an aim of killing them before they reach your castle. After each round you can purchase upgrades and repairs, and every few rounds you ‘ll face a boss then move on to the next kingdom.

As it was created during a short time for a game jam, there are a few rough edges (such as the lack of much of an end-game once you’ve unlocked all the upgrades), but it’s a great concept that mashes up two very different genres very cleverly. It would be nice to see it expanded on as it’s a very addictive game that has a lot of potential.

Download Pong Pong Protector Here (Windows)