Pongo – Beta Demo


Pongo is a fun and surprisingly challenging game that combines extreme pogo-sticking with FPS combat to create a wonderfully quirky 3D action platformer.

You must traverse the beautiful low poly Islands of Flubber, leaping over large gaps, fighting enemies and battling huge bosses.  To aid you on your journey you have your trusty Pongo – a pogo stick that turns into a gun at the touch of a button.  Most of the enemies don’t present too much of a challenge, but the jumping can be pretty tough – you’ll need some precision timing if you want to avoid taking a swim in the sea.  Once you master your Pogo stick though, Pongo is a fun game, with fast paced first person platforming, ideally suited to speed runs.

We’d love to see the pogoing mechanics refined a bit (perhaps so that you’re permanently bouncing a little), as at the moment it feel more like a platformer in which you can jump high, rather than an authentic ‘bouncy’ pogo experience.  But as it stands it’s still a fun first person action platformer with challenging pogo jumping gameplay and joyously gleeful aesthetics.  Super happy bouncy fun.

UPDATE: Beta Demo No Longer Available

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