Ponpu – Alpha Demo

Ponpu is a beautifully animated game that plays a lot like Bomberman, but with weird looking hand animated ducks and an entertaining single player mode.

In Ponpu you take on the mantle of a herald of the Duck-God, who sets out on an epic quest to save the world from destruction. Being a duck, you can lay eggs, but you won’t be having these eggs sunny-side up as they’re highly explosive.

You need to use your eggs to blow up your enemies in multiplayer battles and to blast enemies, obstacles and bosses in the single player campaign. You also have a shield which you can use to propel your eggs at enemies, stun enemies and block/parry attacks.

The multiplayer deathmatch in Ponpu isn’t quite as entertaining as Bomberman (and it doesn’t feature online multiplayer), but the sing;e-player campaign is definitely a step up from Hudson Softs’ long running series. The art style is particularly impressive, with the hand animated characters packed full of charm and character. Well worth checking out for a bit of birdie bombing mayhem.

Download the Ponpu Alpha Demo Here (Steam)