PonQuest: A Pong RPG – Game Jam Build Download

ponquest 2

PonQuest made for the MiniLD #58, transforms Pong into an RPG, complete with loot, XP and monsters, all with their own unique special moves.

It’s an RPG where you’re a Pong paddle, traveling on your epic journey against many monsters. Monsters come along the road, each engaging in a one on one battle with you. To fight them, you must hit your ball at their monster-looking paddles. When you bounce the ball off of your paddle, you will take a small amount of damage. As the enemy hits the ball, they’ll take a much larger amount of damage. If either you or the monster miss the ball, this counts as a direct hit of even more damage will occur.

Each monster has its own ability; slimes fire off two balls, one being a fake that dissipates before getting to you, bats have the ability to hit the ball back without taking damage from time to time, spiders cause webs that slow you down, and skeletons throw back some of their bones which can harm you.  There is even a boss at the end of this epic quest, with super quick charged ball hits and a large health.

Chests also can appear along the way, with coins, XP to level up, or potions of health. You might also run into a man selling goods like lives or potions to help you out. This pong adventure is quite the quest!  Who’d of thought a humble Pong paddle would become an RPG hero?

Download PonQuest HERE (Win Only)