Poogue – Game Jam Build Download

Poogue features a clever fusion of Pool and roguelike dungeon crawling as you travel through procedurally generated tables and attempt to pot balls before they pot you!

Created for the 7DRL Challenge, Poogue is a roguelike that sees you attempting to pot your way through a series of procedurally generated pool dungeons. You control your ball much like in a traditional pool game, with you aiming from the direction you want to hit it from and attempting to pot balls in pockets. However, there are some pretty significant differences that make this game very different from a normal game of pool.

Firstly, all the pool tables are procedurally generated, with them opening up new pathways when you complete a room and their aesthetics changing as you descend down the levels. Also, the balls can hit you back in Poogue – you may be trying to pot them, but they’re also trying to pot you! There are different types of ball to deal with too, some are small and light, some are big and heavy, and some have special abilities, such as projecting shields or force fields. There are even boss battles to deal with that require you to attack them in unique ways.

It’s a great concept that really impresses with its clean aesthetics, inventive enemy design and infinite array of mutant pool tables to play on. A fun little pool-based roguelike well worth cueing up.

Download Poogue Here