POOL [of DOOM!] – Game Jam Build Download


POOL [of DOOM!] is a fun fusion of DOOM and pool that sees you attempting to pot pool balls in first person while they attempt to pot you!

In POOL your objective is to pot as many pool balls as possible before they eventually overwhelm you and bash you into one of the pockets. You roam around the table in first person armed with a pool cue which you can use to knock the balls about. You can charge up a shot by holding the left mouse button, but this also slows down your movement speed which can be a problem when you’ve got a mob of giant bouncing balls chasing you!

POOL starts off fairly simply, but things get a LOT tougher after you’ve potted a few balls and they start to attack in groups. You have to be quite tactical with your strikes – focusing on isolating balls from the pack and picking them off one by one, otherwise they’ll bash you into submission and sink you in a pocket.

POOL feels very much like a rough prototype at the moment, but the core gameplay is very satisfying and offers a real challenge once the balls start ganging up on you. Being potted into a pocket by a pool ball is a pretty humiliating experience though!

Download POOL [of DOOM!] Here (Win, Mac & Linux)