Pool of Madness – Alpha Demo

Pool of Madness is a Lovecraftian horror pool game where you attempt to perform an eldritch ritual by potting pool balls aboard a cursed ship.

Currently in development by Bit Golem (creators of Dagon) in Pool of Madness you find yourself aboard a ship and chained to a pool table. You play the game solo and have to pot a certain amount of green balls to complete parts of the ritual within a certain amount of shots. However, hitting the red or black balls first (or potting them) will cause you to lose your sanity and fail. There are also special balls that have unique effects if you hit them.

The current build was created as part of a two person game jam, so it needs to add some features (zoom, better ball physics, etc) and maybe the chain should be attached differently (so it doesn’t just pass through the table legs), but it’s a very promising concept. It’s got a very oppressive atmosphere, the core gameplay is interesting and the setting looks set to allow for plenty of unsettling eldritch occurrences. Pick up a cue and start potting your way to madness!

Download The Pool of Madness Alpha Demo Here (Steam)