POOLS – Beta Demo

POOLS is an eerie liminal space exploration game where you traverse labyrinthine pool systems, willed with interesting sights and uncanny mystery.

Drawing inspiration from Jared Pike’s Dream Pools artwork, POOLS is a beautiful exploration game that strips away music, monsters and dialogue, to leave you with an immersive liminal space experience. The demo features one of the planned six chapters to explore, each of which takes around 10 to 30 minutes to play through. The only goal in each chapter is to explore and find the exit. There are no monsters or jump scares, but there is the occasionally uncanny event that will make you question if you’re seeing things.

The audio and visual design in POOLS is very impressive and makes for a very immersive experience. The level design is the real highlight though. Each stage feels huge and offers multiple routes and freedom to explore, but you never get lost and backtrack. Also it never feels repetitive, with the architecture evolving as you traverse and there’s always a fascinating new discovery around the corner. Highly recommended.

Check Out a POOLS Gameplay Video Here

Download The POOLS Beta Demo Here (Steam)