Population Zero – Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

Population Zero is a massively multiplayer online survival game where you and hundreds of other players attempt to survive, colonise and conquer a vast alien planet.

We first featured Population Zero on Alpha Beta Gamer back in October during the Alpha Sign up (which you can still sign up for here). It’s a massively multiplayer survival game where you attempt to endure a hostile alien world full of deadly Starship Trooper-esque alien bugs. You and hundreds of other players can explore, harvest resources, scavenge resources, form factions and discover the many secrets the world has to offer.

The alien bugs can provide valuable resources if you manage to kill them, but they’ll put up a fight and they all have their own unique skills and unique algorithms that determine their actions. Of course, those bugs aren’t the only danger – with everyone competing for the same resources you’ll also have to deal with rival tribes and factions.

Population Zero isn’t all about survival, it also has narrative elements, ancient civilizations to discover and a rich Sci-Fi lore. As you explore and colonise the planet you’ll learn about its history and help shape its future (whilst hopefully also managing to stay alive.).

We have 50 Population Zero pre-Alpha keys to giveaway! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 23rd of December.

You Can Follow The Development of Population Zero & Sign Up For The Alpha Here

Population Zero – Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

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