Port Valley – Alpha Demo

Port Valley is a hilarious, fourth wall breaking old school point and click adventure that draws inspiration from (and pokes fun at) classic Lucasarts adventures as your hapless hero ends up way over his head while trying to deliver some generic Asian food.

In Port Valley you follow the adventures of a down on his luck fast food delivery guy who’s scooter has broken down on the way to drop off some food. Your aim is to fix the scooter and deliver the food, but it seems there’s no way your day is going to be as simple as that…

The current build of Port Valley takes around an hour to play through and it takes some very interesting (and funny) twists along the way. There are lots of quirky characters to meet, most of which are either inept, unhelpful or up to no good, and all of whom are very well written, with hilarious dialogue and memorable moments.

The puzzle design in Port Valley draws inspiration from Lucasarts classics like Monkey Island, with it allowing the player to figure out things for themselves rather than hold their hand through it all. The puzzles all makes sense though and are well designed (there’s no ‘rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle’ moment).

Port Valley is a love letter to those classic 90’s point and click adventures, with madcap narratives, quirky characters and great humor. It also feels like much more than just a nostalgic love letter though – the writing feels fresh, the puzzles are excellent and the 4th wall breaking moments are very cleverly implemented. An old school point and click adventure full of fresh new ideas. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Port Valley Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)