Portable – Student Game Download

Portable is a charming little tower defense survival adventure where you explore the world by day and each night you set up a new base to defend you from monster attacks.

In Portable you take control of an adorable little bunny who was kicked off their airship by a rude crewmate who didn’t like you sleeping on the job. You now have to make your way through a beautiful woodland and destroy a big red crystal that’s corrupting it.

It takes several days to travel through e forest and each night waves of monsters will try to attack you. However, you can harvest resources from trees, rocks and crystals that you can use to build temporary bases full of upgradeable towers that will keep you safe.

It’s a little on the easy side and the final battle is a bit flawed, but it’s a fun concept that would be great for expanding on. The artwork is excellent and it makes for a lighthearted and stress-free little adventure.

Download Portable Here (Windows)