Portal Dead – Alpha Download

Portal Dead

Portal Dead is a very impressive first person arena shooter with Unreal Tournament-style run-and-gun gameplay, gorgeous Unreal Engine powered visuals and Halo-esque vehicular combat.

With it’s tight controls, fast paced combat and big beefy weaponry Portal Dead is fondly reminiscent of Unreal Tournament (in-fact the current build seems to ‘borrow’ heavily from UT3).  Weapons, upgrades and vehicles are scattered across the large, beautifully detailed map, and game modes currently include Capture The Flag, Death Match and Team Death Match.

Those hoping that Portal Dead was some sort of Portal-esque game filled with zombies will be sorely disappointed, but if you’re in the market for a some balls-to-the-wall arena shooter action it’s well worth checking out.  Big, beautiful, bombastic multiplayer arena fun.

Download The Portal Dead Alpha Here (Windows Only)

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