Portal Mortal – Beta Download

Portal Mortal

Portal Mortal is a fun 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer with a Portal-style teleportation gun, tons of modification options and co-op play for up to 32 players!

The core gameplay in Portal Mortal is similar to Portal, with you using precision platforming and solving puzzles using your portal-gun to make it to the exit of each level.  Aside from the obvious difference (it’s 2D), Portal Mortal has a lot of great features that elevate it to much more than just a 2D Portal, not least the games 32 player multiplayer and charming (and slightly gory) pixel art visuals.

It’s a fun game, packed with content and nice little touches, such as the collectibles that you can use to customize your character or the fully featured level editor, which allows you to create and share different themed levels, and even edit them on the fly.  GlaDOS would certainly approve of this pixel art portal-jumping puzzle platforming adventure.

Download The Portal Mortal Beta Here