POSTAL: Brain Damaged – Beta Demo

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is an anarchic and action packed boomer shooter POSTAL spin-off that takes place in The POSTAL Dude’s warped and damaged mind.

In POSTAL: Brain Damaged it seems that The POSTAL Dude has had a few too many concussions and drug binges, and now he’s totally wacko. He’s now been locked up in an asylum but he can still run rampant in his mind…

While the original POSTAL games were crazy open-world sandboxes, POSTAL: Brain Damaged is more of a linear(ish) 90’s inspired FPS. Your aim is to run, saw, jump, shoot and pee your way through each level, blasting baddies and causing as much carnage as possible along the way.

The demo build of POSTAL: Brain Damaged features one large fragmented suburban level to run amok in. You have access to some pretty crazy weaponry (including a chainsaw shovel and a grappling shotgun) and of course you have a dedicated pee button. You can enter houses and lay waste to innocent civilians, but there are also some tricky enemies to deal with that are keen to put an end to your rampage.

It’s silly and incredibly puerile, but there’s no denying POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a lot of fun. The weapons are inventive, the armed enemies put up a good fight and being able to pee on, maim and blast anyone you see never gets old. Embrace the chaos and you’ll have a blast with in POSTAL Dude’s damaged mind!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The POSTAL: Brain Damaged Beta Demo Here (Steam)