PostjamCarnageCars – Alpha Download

PostjamCarnageCars is an incredibly chaotic low poly physics based racer that allows you to race against up to 750 opponents simultaneously!

While most modern racing games are content to stick with a paltry sub-fifty racer cap, PostjamCarnageCars throws caution to the wind with a whopping max racer count of 750! Whether your GPU will manage that is another thing, although it works pretty smoothly on a GTX 1080. The visuals are understandably fairly simple, but once a race starts the chaos that ensues is quite unlike anything you’ll experience in any other racer!

Due to the carnage involved, races are won through perseverance and luck more than driver skill, but it’s great fun immersing yourself in the mayhem. The current build is very early in development (it’s a continuation of the devs LD40 game – CrudeCarnageCars40), but it shows a lot of promise, with fairly steady framerates, three playable race tracks and local split-screen play for up to four players. We’ll look forward to seeing how much more the dev can add before something breaks!

Download The PostjamCarnageCars Alpha Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “PostjamCarnageCars – Alpha Download”

  1. Hey! Thanks for featuring my game!

    I’m honored to receive such attention and thank you very much for checking the game out and linking so many people to the itch page – the response is far and beyond of anything I expected!

    • Hi! You’re welcome! It’s an incredible technical achievement and a joy to play about with. Glad to spread the word, keep up the great work! :)

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