Power Bomberman – Alpha Download

power bomberman

Power Bomberman is an uplifting fan made Bomberman game that brings back the good old days when blowing up your friends was extremely fun and super satisfying.

Power Bomberman, Being created by a bunch of people over on the Bomberman Board (link below), is an extremely impressive fan made version of the 1983 classic retro game that brings chaos, explosions and lots of laughs and rage to the modern-day. Forget abominations like Bomberman: Zero, this game shows players what Bomberman be. It’s brightly coloured charm screams of revitalised graphics, the retro inspired score uplifts you and makes the need to blow up your enemy that much more exciting.

The rush you get when playing Power Bomberman is exactly how it felt way back when, when games had no hand holding, no tutorials and no easy mode. Players new and old can experience the feelings, the laughter and the controller throwing experience that Bomberman matches have in spades – that feeling you get when you trap other players between 2 bombs so that they had to sit and watch helplessly as their character was blown to dust is as good as ever.

Apart from the graphical aspect and musical score, Power Bomberman allows you to create an online match so you and 12 other people can compete in an epic, no holds barred bombing fest that could break friendships up without question. Power Bomberman is a game made for those that love to compete and where there will always be winners and losers no matter how the match ends. Put plain and simply Power Bomberman is a fantastic homage to a classic game series – created by fans, for fans.  It’s a blast.

NOTE: Be sure to download the “DOWNLOAD (0.5.3 FULL)” version as you wont need the patch to make it run

Download the Power Bomberman Alpha Here (Windows Only)