POWER DRILL MASSACRE is an absolutely terrifying third person survival horror that draws inspiration from 80’s video nasty slasher flicks and PS1-era survival horror games to create a grimy, sinister, suspense-filled adventure that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

In POWER DRILL MASSACRE (it deserves every one of those capital letters) you take on the role of a woman who has just escaped a crash in which her husband was badly wounded, so must go in search of help.  ‘Luckily’ there’s a big sinister house on the top of the hill, maybe they’ve got a phone you can use?  In typical slasher horror movie fashion your character makes some very bad choices and shows a flagrant disregard for her safety as she delves deeper into the labyrinthine halls of a house that harbours some very bad secrets.

There are some brave game design choices in POWER DRILL MASSACRE, all designed to make you feel like you’re inside a low budget 80’s slasher move.  The aspect ratio is 4:3 with VHS tracking lines coming up intermittently, and the low-fi, low poly visuals feel very muck like an old PS1-era game.  Likewise the character control is deliberately clunky, feeling reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games, but without the static camera angles.  These controls not only make it feel like an authentic old school horror game, but makes for some truly terrifying moments when you attempt to escape a pursuer.

POWER DRILL MASSACRE embraces all the good and the bad points about the games and movies it’s inspired by, and is all the better for it.  It feels like a game that someone’s found while cleaning out a box of their old stuff.  A horrific love letter to horror games and movies of a bygone age.  A tense and terrifying video game nasty.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of POWER DRILL MASSACRE Here

Download the POWER DRILL MASSACRE Alpha Demo Here