Power Stealers – Alpha Demo

Power Stealers is a Contra-esque old school run n’ gun arcade shooter where you and your floating Shen-bot blast your way through an alien army.

Playable in single-player or local co-op, Power Stealers sees you taking on the role of an apprentice of a scientist called Narad, whose partner as defected and formed an alliance with an alien army. Narad’s lab contains a key piece of technology that his partner now needs to succeed in his plans of world domination, so you need to stop him from getting it.

The gameplay in Power Stealers is very much akin to the classic Contra games, with similar multidirectional shooting mechanics, an assortment of power-ups and challenging gameplay where it just takes one shot to kill you. The current build features one full level and one boss fight, and while the boss fight does feel a little unfair, the pixel art visuals are beautiful.

The gameplay doesn’t feel quite as snappy as the likes of Contra yet and your weapons feel a little underpowered, but Power Stealers is off to a promising start. The pixel art animation is excellent and it’s great for a quick fix of run n’ gun arcade action.

Download Power Stealers Alpha Demo Here (Windows)