Pre-Shave – Game Jam Build

Pre-Shave is a funny but painfully accurate simulation of a brown man grooming himself for an important upcoming event.

In Pre-Shave you stand in front of a mirror, where you can grab the various items sat on the sink with your mouse-controlled arms and groom yourself for an upcoming event. You can use shaving cream, a razor, a toothbrush and a phone, but the most useful (and most fun) item you use is your electric shaver which you can use to shave all your body hair (even the eyebrows!)

Your character looks a little worried as he goes about his routine. You have complete freedom to shave as much or as little of your character’s hair off as you like, but the comments he makes make you think things may go a bit better for him if you make him look a little less “Middle Eastern”. Once you’re done with your grooming you can then call a “Liift” to take you to your destination.

It’s a fun little game with a nice sense of humor and some enjoyable man grooming simulation, but it’s the message behind the game that really sticks with you. You may only play this game once, but some people have to play it all the time.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Pre-Shave Here (Windows)