Prehistoric Kingdom – Pre-Alpha Demo

Prehistoric Kingdom is an ambitious new management sim that allows you to build and manage your own Jurassic Park!

In Prehistoric Kingdom players will be able to take charge of their own prehistoric zoo, designing exhibits, hiring staff, breeding dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, then opening it up to the public and hoping nobody gets eaten. You’ll need to make sure the park is safe, but also ensure a steady flow of income so you can maintain and upgrade the park.

The current Pre-Alpha Demo build of Prehistoric Kingdom is very early in development so is pretty limited in features but it serves as a good taster for things to come. None of the economic elements are implemented yet, but you can build some basic facility buildings and create enclosures to place the dinos you breed into. You can even take one of the off road vehicles for a spin around the island, or just crash into dinosaurs (which sadly doesn’t do much yet).

There are four different types of dinosaurs you can breed in the current build (Gallimimus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus), most of which have feathered and scaled variants. Obviously the most prevalent theory now is that dinosaurs had feathers rather than scales, but it still takes a little getting used to seeing a T-Rex with feathers!

The current build off Prehistoric Kingdom is pretty basic, but it’s a good foundation for what could be a great prehistoric zoo simulation. The UI is easy to use, there’s a nice selection of customization options for the dinosaurs and the visuals are pretty impressive. Once it’s fleshed out a bit and you can start terrorizing the visitors with your creations then it’s going to be just as fun as old John Hammond’s attempts!

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Download The Prehistoric Kingdom Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)