Press CTRL – Game Jam Build Download

Press CTRL is an inventive and wonderfully infuriating little puzzle game that’s essentially the Inception of games, as you control a character in a game, who controls a character in a game, who controls a character within a game, etc…

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, in Press CTRL you take control of a little character who can move around the bottom half of the screen. Your goal is to press the CTRL button at the left side of the screen, which is easy enough, but as soon as you do a smaller screen pops up with a similar scene and dome direction keys pop up on the original area. You now need to maneuver your character so that they press the keys and control the character on the second screen, with an aim of making them press the CTRL button on the left. And once you manage that things REALLY start to get tough!

It’s a simple, but well implemented concept that ends up getting extremely tricky later on as you control a try to wrap your head around controlling the desired character. Compared to this DiCaprio’s dream within a dream nonsense was a piece of cake!

Download Press CTRL Here (Windows)