Press F to Win – Game Jam Build

press F to win

Press F to Win, a game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2015, is a funny, short, obvious game.

This game is really rather easy to win, just simply press ‘F’.  But is that really all there is to this?  (Obviously not or we wouldn’t bother writing about it!).

The game will keep prompting you to press ‘F’ for different things, such as going through doors or talking to people – needless to say this is a trick, pressing ‘F’ will simply make you win the game (obviously).  Why would the game want to lie and trick you into winning? What more could there be?  Needless to say there’s a lot more to the game than simply pressing ‘F’.

To find the true ending to this game, you must be an adventurer, not tempted by the thought of winning. You must go and find something hidden under the town, something that the town itself has forgotten about. No one explores anymore, everyone is just focused on winning.

Find the true ending in this short adventure game, but do not be tempted by the easy win of pressing ‘F’!

Play Press F to Win on your Unity supported browser HERE