Primal Pursuit – Prototype Download


Primal Pursuit is a wonderfully chaotic racing game in which four clans of animals race for their lives, attempting to sabotage each other and to avoid getting squashed by a giant boulder that’s rolling down a mountain.

Playing a little like a high stakes Mario Kart where one careless move means game over, your objective in Primal Pursuit is to race down the mountain and get as far as possible before you inevitably die. As you hurtle down the mountain on the backs of one of four different animals (a bear, a frog, a turtle and an ostrich), you have to avoid enemy attacks, avoid obstacles and (most importantly) avoid the giant boulder that’s careering down the mountain. Each animal has their own attributes and special skills which can be used to avoid obstacles, boost or sabotage your rivals (but it’s often just better focusing on avoiding obstacles and not getting splatted by the giant boulder!)

Primal Pursuit is still early in development who has a few rough edges, but it certainly shows a lot of promise, with quick matches, addictive gameplay, cool low poly visuals and plenty of chaos. A real boulderdash.

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UPDATE: The Primal Pursuit Prototype is temporarily unavailable