Prime Arena – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Prime Arena brings PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS-style high stakes battle royale survival combat to the MOBA genre, as 32 heroes do battle against creeps, huge monsters and other players to be the last player standing.

Unlike other MOBAs there are no teams in Prime Arena. You’re on your own, with just a single life and a handful of MOBA-style abilities to aid your fight for survival. After choosing from a roster of (currently) 25 fantasy-themed heroes, 32 players spawn on the map simultaneously and attempt to battle to become the last one standing.

Like PUBG, you can better equip your character for the battle ahead, but you do it in a MOBA-esque way, by exploring the map, discovering Glyph nodes and battling the AI controlled hordes to level up, gain new abilities and earn new buffs. You won’t want to take too long upgrading your player though – the battlefield is continually shrinking so it’s only a matter of time until you end up face to face with an opponent.

It’s still early in development, but Prime Arena’s infusion of PUBG battle royale gameplay into the MOBA genre works remarkably well. Not only does it create fast paced, high stakes competitive battles, but also avoids MOBAs toxicity to newcomers by removing forced socialization within teams. In Prime Arena you’ll live or die by your own merits, not anybody else’s. By its embracing of a Battle Royale framework, it may have also created a MOBA that everyone can play!

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You Can Visit The Prime Arena Steam Page Here

Prime Arena – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!