Prime Orbit – Student Project Download

prime orbit game

Prime Orbit is an impressive first-person sci-fi puzzle/platformer in which you use the power to rotate objects and platforms to aid your escape from a strange alien planet.

After crash-landing your ship on a deserted, technologically advanced alien planet, you and your wise-cracking droid must find a way to escape it.  Thankfully there is another ship that you can use, but unfortunately you’re not sure of it’s precise location.  You must explore the alien planet, comprised of huge mega-structures and angular geometry, solving well crafted three dimensional puzzles and hopefully finding the ship in the process.

Your character has a nifty ability to lock-on to objects and rotate them on their axis.  This can be used in a variety of useful ways, such as moving platforms or lining up laser beams.  The puzzles and platforming are both intuitive and satisfying, often requiring you to be aware of your surroundings and envision the bigger picture.

Created by five students from Full Sail University, Prime Orbit impresses with it’s minimalistic art style, angular alien mega-structures, strong puzzle design and engaging platforming.  Prime puzzle platforming.

Download Prime Orbit HERE (Windows & Mac)