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Primitives starts off like many other open world survival games, with you foraging for supplies in the wilderness and trying to survive against the elements and wild animal attacks.  However, the game takes an interesting RTS-style twist when you start to build your camp, as you become the chief of a primitive tribe, managing resources, hunting, building structures and defending against attacks.

As you roam the alien planet filled with diverse flora and fauna, there is plenty to discover and plenty of dangers.  Thankfully your tribe gives you some much needed security and makes the game feel like much less of a solitary experience.  To conquer the land you must defeat the king of the jungle, a ferocious beast with a ravenous hunger that eats anything that gets in it’s way.  To stand a chance against this behemoth you must gather resources and expand your tribe, while keeping an eye on your food stocks (another new member is a new mouth to feed).

Primitives is still early in development and has a few bugs, but it shows great promise.  As you hunt, gather and survive, you become attached to your primitive little tribe –  the planet is a hostile environment, but you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

Watch the Trailer HERE

Update: Beta No Longer Available

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  1. Downloaded it… can’t open it… not compatible with 32bit Windows Vista… looks fun… guess I need a new computer.

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