Prince Charmless – Game Jam Build

Prince Charmless

Prince Charmless, a disgusting yet funny game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you saving the princess, but making sure you have enough sex appeal to woo her too!

You are a charmless prince – one who is quite disgusting – but you are saving the princesses from their castles. Each fast paced level has you running through the tower, clicking to jump or climb the wall. Once you make it past the spikes, collect the coins or keys you need, and get to the level the princess is on, you will face a mirror.

This mirror on the wall will show you how hideous you are, and you’re given a short amount of time to tidy yourself up. Your hair grows on your face quite fast, so you must shave it off and trim your unibrow You need to replace teeth that are missing, pull dead ones, and brush the dirty ones. Popping pimples and fixing up your face in other ways will also be needed. You must make your face look as good as you can before the time runs out, as if your sex appeal isn’t high enough, the princess will reject you and you’ll fail the level.

It’s a tough job making your grotesque face look look like a passable human being, but collecting coins does help you out. In between some levels, you will be able to buy upgrades or choose some abilities. Sometimes, these upgrades require money, others can be chosen for free for beating so many levels.

It’s a fun, fast paced and wonderfully revolting game.  Sure you can save the princess, but will you look good enough to win her heart!

Play Prince Charmless Here (Browser)