Princessize – Game Jam Build Download


Princessize is an odd take on the classic Cinderella story, in which you have to slice up and arrange feet in order to fit them into the correct sized shoes.

As in the classic Cinderella tale, the Prince is going around all the villages in the Kingdom looking for the owner of the shoes that was left behind at his party. Although Cinderella’s foot is the only one that will fit properly, that’s not going to stop other hopefuls from trying to cram their foot in – even if they have to disfigure themselves to do it!

A little like a Tangram puzzle, but with feet, the rather grotesque appendages can be sliced and diced in any direction then crammed into the desired shoe.  This starts off fairly easily, with you just having to chop off the odd rogue toe, but soon gets tough as you’re tasked with cramming larger (and more hideously malformed) feet into the footwear.

Will the Prince ever find his bride? Maybe, but he’ll see some rather disturbing sights first!

Play or Download Princessize HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)