PRISM – Beta Download


PRISM is an old school top down arcade shoot-em-up with one game changing difference – you don’t shoot directly at the enemies, instead you shoot through a prism in the centre of the screen, which then spreads your shot out the other side.  You can choose whether the shots go straight through the prism, or bounce off them like a mirror.  This works well once you get used to it, as switching between normal fire and mirrored mode to dispose of enemies becomes second nature.

PRISM features clever enemy design, big bosses, retro visuals and a great soundtrack. It’s also hard, very hard in-fact, you’ll need quick thinking, quick reflexes and a bit of luck if you’re going to succeed in PRISM.  It’s a game aimed squarely at hardcore shoot-em-up fans, and all the better for it.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available