Prison City – Prototype Download

Prison City is an old school side scrolling arcade action game where you attempt to infiltrate the prison city of Detroit and stop an evil Techno-Terrorist plot.

Drawing inspiration from retro classics like Contra, Mega Man and Metal Gear (as well as a plot ripped straight out of Escape From New York), Prison City sees you taking control of a Snake-esque badass and attempting to thwart an Techno-Terrorist plot. The game takes place in an alternate 1997 where the whole of Detroit has been turned into a penal colony. You now need to break in and show those terrorists who’s boss!

The current build of Prison City features two whole levels (and an unfinished level) and is a lot of fun. There are a few minor issues – the grab would be better if mapped to a separate button, some attacks seem impossible to avoid and it could do with adding some different weapons. Other than that though it’s a great little slice of old school arcade action. The pixel art visuals are excellent, the gameplay is fast and challenging and the soundtrack is excellent. A retro prison adventure well worth breaking into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Prison City Prototype Here (Windows)