Private Line – Game Jam Build

Private Line, a censorship simulator made for the Global Game Jam 2017, sees you looking over the communications between the people of the Sowoke Respublica and censoring anything that your government doesn’t approve of.

In Private Line you have been appointed a new job as Communication Quality Officer. This means that you have to sit in an office and listen to different calls that come in each day. Using the latest quality assurance technologies, you are able to provide a better communication service by inking out any transcriptions that come through with forbidden words or phrases.

These phrases aren’t told directly to you, you must consider the newest changes to the country and what people shouldn’t discuss under a controlled government. If you fail to mark suspicious conversations and ink out their inappropriate words, you will get strikes. Too many strikes will cause you to lose your job. If you continue to do your job well, you will start to be given more phone lines to switch between and more words to look out for.

Private Line quickly becomes a challenging game of watching all of the phone lines at once – and understanding the amount of displeasure the citizens feel. You can learn a lot from the citizens you are listening too or you can just do your job and scribble out what is forbidden.

Download Private Line Here (Windows – Download Link at Bottom of Page)