Prodigy – Alpha Demo

Prodigy is a snazzy looking Unreal Engine 4 powered turn based tactical combat game that sees you commanding teams of legendary creatures to victory in grid based arena warfare.

Set in the fantasy world of Thasys, in Prodigy you are one of the chosen ones, a ‘Prodigy’ capable of awakening ancient creatures who lie in slumber and commanding them in battle. Battles take place on grid-based arenas comprising of two opposing 3×4 grids that the opposing teams place their units on. Each of these units look fantastic and they all have unique stats and skills.

Positioning plays a large part in the combat, with units only being able to attack opposing units that are in a straight line in front of them (if there’s no opponent in front of them then they can heal instead of attacking). Your actions in combat affect the battlefield, with you able to use Harmony or Dissonance attacks – harmony brings balance and gives them power to cast special abilities, while Dissonance attacks are much stronger but will also unleash areas of instability in the board, capable of doing damage to your team.

It can take a little time to get accustomed to Prodigy’s combat system, especially as all of your skills are just represented with icons and no text whatsoever (which does look nice and uncluttered, but does make things a little tricky to pick up, even with the tutorial). However, once you get to grips with it Prodigy is a fun, unique and visually spectacular take on the turn based tactics genre well worth checking out – plus those magnificent beasts a delight to behold in all their glory!

Download The Prodigy Alpha Demo Here (Steam – Download Link On Right Side of Page)