PRODUCER (2021) – Alpha Demo

PRODUCER (2021) is a weird and witty visual novel adventure that follows the story of a deadbeat wastrel who somehow manages to land a high-flying city job as a producer.

Currently in development by Stuffed Wombat (creator of qomp and Everything Else and Thor HighHeels (composer on Umurangi Generation), PRODUCER (2021) is a wonderfully absurd visual novel adventure where you try to wing it after getting a job as a Producer. The game follows the story of a waster who really has no idea what he’s doing, but somehow lands a job as a Producer at a company that’s creating the world’s first Brain-Computer interface. As you then try to be a success (or at least not a total failure) in your new position the choices you make will affect your story in some very entertaining ways.

The current demo build of PRODUCER (2021) takes around 15 minutes to play through and sees you escaping from your filth encrusted home and turning up for a meeting regarding your new job. It’s much more interactive than most visual novels, feeling more like a point and click adventure at times. The demo is fairly linear, but the full game will be much more open, allowing you to freely explore the city environment and discover some very different branches of the narrative.

It’s a very funny game with a unique visual style, a delightfully silly premise and a wonderfully absurd sense of humor. You’re never quite sure where your decisions will take you, but you can be guaranteed they’ll be entertaining!

Check Out PRODUCER (2021) on Steam Here

Play The PRODUCER (2021) Alpha Demo Here (Browser)