prog.1 – Beta Demo

prog 1

prog.1 is a 2D adventure puzzle platformer with a nice pixel art style and an intriguing story. You play as an anthropomorphic computer virus that infects and destroys everything it touches (including the platforms you stand on).

The platforming is extremely challenging at the moment, partly due to the way that blocks tend to degrade and disappear if you stand on them for too long, due to the floatiness of the controls (which could do with a little tightening up).  What’s most intriguing about the game though is the interesting story and the way its delivered, with two scientists working on a project to create an artificial digital universe.  It’s still early in development, so hopefully they’ll be able to make the character movement a little more precise, but we’d love to explore more prog.1’s mysterious virtual world and unravel it’s unique story.

Check Out The prog.1 Greenlight Page Here

Play the prog.1 Beta Demo Here (Browser)

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