Project Abel – Alpha Demo

Project Abel is a dark and atmospheric Resident Evil inspired pixel art survival horror game that sees you solving puzzles and blasting monsters in an abandoned university building.

In Project Abel you take on the role of a mysterious protagonist who ends up stuck in an abandoned university. This dark and gloomy university feels very much like the mansion from the original Resident Evil game, complete with zombie-like monsters and ‘place X object into Y to open door Z” style puzzles.

The Alpha Demo of Project Abel takes around 15 minutes to complete and really impresses with its dark atmosphere and Resident Evil inspired gameplay. Many of the classic Resident Evil tropes are there – using consumables to save your game, inventory management, tank controls, limited ammo and obscure locking mechanisms. In fact, it shares so much DNA that it feels like it could be an official Gameboy Advance Resident Evil game.

There are some issues – the mouse and keyboard controls are pretty bad (stick to the control pad) and the monsters take more than a full clip of ammo to dispatch (which means you have to run away and reload mid-fight each time). Project Abel shows a lot of promise though – the pixel art is excellent, it has a great sense of atmosphere and it nails the vibe of the early Resident Evil games perfectly. Well worth checking out for some old school survival horror thrills.

Note: Control Pad HIGHLY Recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Project Abel Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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