Project Arrhythmia – Alpha Download

Project Arrhythmia

Project Arrhythmia is a fun rhythm action arcade game in which you avoid colorful pulses synced in time to the music, whilst unearthing what the mysterious ‘Project Arrhythmia’ really is.

Featuring a cool electronic soundtrack synced pulsing to the pulsing on-screen visuals, your aim is to survive until the end of each song/level by avoiding the variety of colourful pulsing boxes.  The way that these pulses are synced to the music means that you can anticipate them and (hopefully) avoid them.

The current Alpha build features the first two levels and is still very early in development so could do with a little bit more action in the easier sections, but it’s already shows great promise with its core gameplay and stylish visuals.  The excellent audio tracks are complemented perfectly by the pulsing visuals, making Project Arrhythmia a gloriously hypnotic audio/visual experience.  A super cool rhythmic dodge-em-up.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Project Arrthymia Pre-Alpha HERE