Project Bind – Prototype Download

Project Bind is a challenging little retro side-scrolling arcade shooter where you build your ship as you play by attaching new modules you find floating in space.

In Project Bind you take control of an experimental ship that has no weapons of its own, but can attach various modules it finds in space. The modules can contain a variety of different weapons and attaching them adds to your firepower but it also makes you a larger target for your enemies. It only takes one stray enemy bullet to remove a module and if one hits your base ship then it’s game over so you have to be careful.

At the moment Project Bind feels a little on the hard side, but it’s a great concept, the pixel art is excellent and it’s fun building up your ship piece by piece. It’d be nice to see it expanded on as it has a lot of potential and there’s a nice risk/reward factor about increasing the size of your ship.

Download The Project Bind Prototype Here (Windows & Linux)