Project CQB – Alpha Download

Project CQB

Project CQB (temporary title) is a cool slow motion semi-turn based tactics game that pits one squad against another in isometric battle zones where positioning and line of sight are critical.

The controls of Project CQB are pretty intuitive, simply trace the route you’d like your characters to go and use the small arrow in front of their marker to direct their aim.  The Alpha build features six skirmish maps to do battle on with your three squad members pitted against three AI enemies.

Still very early in development, Project CQB is an impressive game, the clean visual style works well and battles are remarkably fast paced for a game that takes place in slow motion – with matches usually lasting less than a minute.  Not quite a turn based tactics game and not quite an RTS, but a unique and enjoyable combination of the two – a BTS (Bullet Time Strategy).

Note: One you’ve got to grips with the gameplay, turn on ‘Hidden Enemies’ for a real challenge!

Download the Project CQB Alpha HERE