Project Downfall – Alpha Demo

Project Downfall is a trippy stylized first person brawler/shooter that plays a lot like Hotline Miami and is even more brutal!

When you first boot up Project Downfall you may think that it’s a 90’s inspired FPS, but as you play you find that it has much more in common with Hotline Miami. It takes place in a dystopian neon-filled mega-city and you take on the role of a brain-damaged man who holds down a normal job by day and deals out vigilante justice by night.

The game is split into safe(ish) areas where you can explore and chat to NPCs and Hotline Miami-esque sections where you have to kill everything in sight before they kill you. There’s a variety of different guns and melee weapons you can pick up and use, and you can also use medication to slow down time and enable a super-kick. A shot or two generally takes any enemy down, but the same goes for you so you have to be careful.

At the moment the biggest issue that Project Downfall has is that the loading screens between each (fairly short) level breaks up the flow of the gameplay. It’s less of an issue later on with the harder levels though and it’s a very promising game with a great visual style, fast paced gameplay, an interesting game world and lots of brutal carnage. There’s a real pleasure in wiping out all the enemies in an area in one long flowing movement of bullets, punches and blades.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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